About Honda of Michigan

The Honda Motor Company was launched in 1948, and in 1959 Honda opened it's first store in Los Angeles. Since that time Honda has become one of leading companies in the powersport industry.

Here at Honda of Michigan, we are Honda enthusiasts, and have always preferred Honda brand vehicles over the others. Not to say that other brands are not quality as well, it is just the Honda brand has always been more appealing. Today Honda is the largest manufacturer of engines, they make over 14 million engines a year and Honda is always one of the innovators in new production techniques.

Honda CBR 250

Selling Your Honda

Are you looking to sell your old Honda Motorcycle? Hondas are known for having higher resale value. Honda has a great reputation, which leads to many owners wanting to keep their bikes because little maintenance is needed to keep them running. Because of their high quality parts and great reputation, Honda used motorcycles will always keep value and you should expect great value when you sell your Honda motorcycle!

Advantages of Buying A Honda Motorcycle

A great reason for owning a Honda bike as stated before, is the high resale value, you know you are getting quality product for your money. Another reason to purchase a Honda is the technology and research Honda puts into their vehicles. Honda spent 15 years in research and development in motorcycle airbags, they are always looking out for the safety of their riders.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Honda offers ABS to a much more wide arrange of their bikes than any other manufacturer. Honda combines their combined breaking system with ABS to offer maximum breaking power. Honda takes the time and research to make their bikes the most comfortable, stylish and safe motorcycles on the road today, just a few great reasons why you should own a Honda Motorcycle!

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